Sunday, November 16, 2014


I've been reading (and loving) the Mistborn Trilogy lately, so I drew the main character:

Also, if you like my sketches I'm featured in a book called Sketching from the Imagination: Fantasy.  I was sent a copy and it's pretty great, I'b buy it even if I weren't in there.  There are a lot of incredible artists and a wide variety of styles on display.  Check it out here.


Gemma McCulloch said...

oh my goodness!!! This is the first time I've seen any Mistborn fanart! I recognised the cloak straight away!

Sorry, I realise I may seem over excited, but I love the Mistborn series. Make sure to read The Alloy of Law too.

Virginia Critchfield said...

nice man

Kevin Keele said...

Gemma: They're so awesome aren't they? I'll definitely read Alloy of Law next. Thanks!

Virginia: Thanks, I saw your husband was in the Sketching from Imagination: Fantasy book too, that's so cool, hope you're all doing well.