Friday, May 25, 2012

Influence Map

I have only just been introduced to these though they seem really popular.  The idea is to fill the space with various things that have influenced your art style.  The more space they take up the greater the influence.  There's a number of ways to interpret this, and influences are constantly shifting.  I tried to get a good mix of those artists and things that influenced me at a younger more developmental stage and ones that are influencing me now.  In a few cases it's more about the specific image than the artist.  In others it's really broad, like a movie or company.  I cheated a little too when it comes to my dad.  He's an artist, and my dad, easily my biggest influence growing up, but I'd feel weird making him the biggest thing since obviously parents are a huge influence regardless, but I couldn't leave him off completely.  This was a fun thing to think about, to realize how the things influencing my art have changed over the years, dramatically in some cases, not at all in others.  I'd totally suggest doing this if you're at all interested, and let me know when you do so I can check it out, it's really fun to see what makes a persons creativity tick.


Unknown said...

I like your influence Map. I think we share a lot of them, granted that makes since being we are brothers. I well have to do my own I would have a few different ones. It is interesting to see. Thanks for sharing.

David Malan said...

Yes! Bottom left. I actually shaved my sideburns last month.

Fitzzz said...

Very interesting references Kevin.