Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Should I Be Flattered?

Check out this post on my good friend Sam Nielson's blog for an interesting story concerning the vacant-eyed red-headed kid in this painting of mine.  I'm never sure how to feel about stuff like this.  I've seen images of mine replicated before and I usually don't care and am genuinely flattered, but when it's in an actual commercial product...I don't know.  Sam's image was obviously used a lot more than mine (this "artist" who used our pictures has good taste at least :) so he's got more to be annoyed with, but I still find myself a little ambivalent about it all.  If nothing else, it's a little weird.


Hypnotic said...

very cool!

Logan Pearsall said...

I read Sam's post earlier today, and I gotta say the "artist" seemed to use your character MUCH more directly than Sam's. Either way, I'm thinking flattery shouldn't be the first reaction. It's a little strange.

Nevertheless, both your and Sam's design are SO much better in every way!

Yizard (Dani SepĂșlveda Mata) said...

sam is a great artist, but you too

nice ilustration!!

see ya!

Heather Dixon said...

The whole situation is kind of bizarre (and a little funny.) I'm impressed you're not freaking out over it like a lot of artists would. I think it shows you care more about the craft.

(The comment you left on Sam's blog btw was great!)

Will Terry said...

This is really lame - I've worked for Hasbro and other game companies and this actually could have been an art director's decision. I've been asked by more than one art director to do this kind of hack job in the past. They get a vision from looking at good illustration and can't let go - so they tell the illustrator what they want and provide the reference. The illustrator then has a moral dilemma....or it could have been that the illustrator just aped you guys - either way it's slimy.