Monday, October 13, 2008


"What manner of man is this,
or what manner of creature is it in the semblence of man?"
-Bram Stoker

I love the original Dracula novel, but, as is almost always the case, none of the film adaptations have portrayed the spooky specter the way the book does. Bram Stoker provides the following details:

-Dracula has a full mustache, but is clean shaven everywhere else.
-He is an old man with aquiline features and slightly pointed ears.
-He has bushy eyebrows and a full head of hair but is balding around his temples.
-He has stubby fingers and hairy palms.
-He dresses in black and has a cruel look in his eyes.

This is a far cry from the suave gentleman many picture when they hear the name Dracula. I decided I wanted to paint the famous bloodsucker and stay fairly close to the original description. I found that it's hard to make a mustache scary. Some of my sketches look like a hook-nosed Borat with a mohawk. I was convinced it could be done, however and I eventually ended up with the sketch that turned into this painting. I'm quite pleased with it, and it sorta creeps me out a little.


Steven Keele said...

I love him. The slioghtly pointed fingernails add to the creepyness.

Abby said...

Creepy! I actually thought Nosferatu was a faithful adaptation of Dracula for the longest time. Glad to see someone setting the record straight.

Jacob Keele said...

Nice!!! Dracula has always creeped me out, so nice!

Unknown said...

Just so you know you are good and creepy. Just like this new post. Well done Kev.

Unknown said...

Nice Kevin. Fun to see an interpretation faithful to Stoker's description.

Tom Scholes said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, too good.

Dave Dick said...

Hey Kevin! Great painting! It totally fits the bill :)

Marco Bucci said...

just great. I love the way you dealt with the suit.

Unknown said...

Love it!
You're right, Dracula was never correctly represented in any adaptation I've seen.

It DOES bug me too!


Brenoch Adams said...

Really digging your graphic approach to all these. They have a great vintage poster quality about them. Nice work sir!